Life of a Capricorn Woman - Is success worth the sacrifice?

Among all women, Capricorns are probably the most capable of becoming successful, well-respected women in society. They’re control freaks, whether you like it or not - but that’s exactly how they get to the top of the mountain. It’s apparent that most men find controlling, smart and successful women difficult to approach and almost impossible to please. Women with power and authority find it more difficult to find the right partner due to the following reasons:

1. Our high standards don’t allow us to settle for anything less than perfection.
Capricorn women want to be with someone who understands them both intellectually and emotionally. They want a partner who has an equal or higher intelligence and emotional quotient as their own as they think time in a relationship could be better spent without the need to explain each other. Capricorn women are always in search for knowledge, therefore, their other half must be a resourceful, intelligent man. The ideal partner should be someone who can act like a mentor to her, at the same time, a best friend whom she can vent to, a family member whom she can rely on and a lover whom she can express her love to.

2. Successful women can attract those who only want to take advantage of them, and their status in the material world.
When Capricorn women gain things, whether it’s a status, wealth or even love, they tend to guard it with their life. Already naturally suspicious of mankind and their hidden motives, successful Capricorn women may become excessively protective of their material possessions. Accepting others in their lives, particularly men, become a potential threat.

3. Men prefer women with a lower socio-economic status over women with high authority.
Due to society’s conventions, most men must be the authority figure in a relationship. Perhaps, not all men aim to have complete control over their other half, but only a minority would not mind having a companion who is considerably, smarter, richer and more successful than them. Successful women ruin the order of how things are meant to be - the tradition of love. But that is beyond their fault.

4. Successful women are intimidating.
Most men are just not accustomed to take up the challenge of having a girlfriend or wife who is likely to empower them. Many are afraid of defeat against a female - they find that it may bruise their ego, or they may feel like the positions are switched. It seems that only successful men will have the guts to pursue an equally successful woman. The biggest concern is that many successful men are conceited and self-absorbed. It may be difficult to distinguish the “good man” from the lot. Not all hope is lost as there must be an incredibly rare few who are courageous and sincere.

5. Time
Successful women, especially if they’re Capricorns, will want to sustain or increase their success. Most if not all of their time is often dedicated to work. There is no doubt that Capricorns are workaholics - it is logical to them that more success means an increased workload, and if more work equals less time, then there’s no room for romance in that overly packed scheduled.

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