Anonymous said: Do Cappies specifically get annoyed when people put themselves down or have a negitive attitude because Im friends with a sagi and they always have a negative attitude and put themselves down and it just infuriates me! I cant stand it! (im a cap:) )

Some of the more self-assured and assertive Caps will. When people put themselves down, it sounds like they’re complaining/whinging about being inadequate, when they might as well be constructive and do something about it. It has more to do with being annoyed with the incompetence some people display, rather than the negativity.

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm a Virgo sun/Taurus moon and I've met your astrotwin :) Same sun/moon/asc. We started dating and had a passionate affair for 2 months. We talked about keeping it casual, since we had both broke up recently. But he was very romantic and expressive, showing his affection in public! I fell hard for him and never told him. Then he stopped seeing me, always finding excuses. I felt very hurt. He said his feeling suffocated him, he isn't over his ex, but we could date sparsely. Is it just lust?

Wow! I dated a Virgo Sun before! He’s an Aries moon, if I recalled correctly. Well that’s funny, but we won’t go comparing the two XD

As for your situation at hand… it’s hard to say. I think Virgos tend to like to know exactly what they are doing, and are very conscious about the “status” of the relationship. My ex was constantly asking “So where are we now?” “What stage are we at now?” I think your Virgo went through the exact same thing. He tried to evaluate the relationship and realised it wasn’t right.

Honestly, nearly every relationship begins with a bit of lust. If he wants to continue dating you after two months, he is more than just “in lust” with you. He has to at least like you for who you are, because he doesn’t want to lose you. That’s why he suggested that you guys date “sparsely”. Assuming he is not a player, he is probably just trying to stick his own morals. He knows that it is going to be very unfair for you to be in a relationship with a guy who still misses his ex. The truth is (and I’ve been in this situation before), you can still be seeing someone even if you have not completely gotten over your ex. It’s hard to differentiate between actually being interested in someone and having an emotional void to fill. Be wary of the possibility that he might have and could be (subconsciously) using you as a rebound. The best advice I have for you is to stop seeing each other for a period of time. Wait until both of you are ready, and completely over your past relationships before you start dating again. If you’re already falling for him, and he isn’t, then “dating sparsely” will only end up hurting YOU in the long run. If he really likes you, he will remember you and eventually come back to you to offer a long-term, committed relationship. 

All the best. Good luck!

Anonymous said: Hey, it's thepisces girl. So I told the guy I didn't want to get in the middle of his relationship and that I was just dropping it and he spazzed out on me and got mad because I "wasted his time" and refused to be with him under the circumstances. I care but I feel like I did the right thing.

You know, if he really cared about you, he would have respected your decision, and certainly wouldn’t have “spazzed out” on you. You deserve someone who is more thoughtful than that, someone who treats you with respect. I am sure you did the right thing. :)

Anonymous said: Hi. It's nice to read your replies to all the questions. Anyway, I am a married woman but have a crush on a married cappy. I don't plan to ruin both our families. It's just that I am happy every time I see him. By the way, he is a coach in a gym. I am not sure if he likes me too. But oftentimes he makes me laugh, he comes to me just to joke like what the high school boys are doing. I don't know if he wants my attention or what. Can you pls help me what's with his actions? Thank you

I really don’t recommend that you continue this kind of interaction with him. Unless there is something utterly wrong with both your marriages and you no longer love your husband, it’s probably best to distance yourself from this cappy. It is possible that he is in lust with you, and it looks like you feel that way towards him. You don’t need to decipher his actions or figure out whether he wants your attention or not… you shouldn’t even be flirting with him in the first place. It is fine to feel happy when you’re around someone, but you must make clear your boundaries and his. 

Anonymous said: Hey, I'm a Pisces female who has been talking to a Capricorn male for almost five years. When we first started talking I was fourteen and we lived in different countries but our talks and the connection we've had feels amazing when things are good. I finally moved back to my home town last year. Recently he and I spent some time together for the first time & we kissed. I found out he was with someone and he told me that he'd break it with her for me but I don't know if he even cares anymore?

DO NOT continue this relationship with him. I repeat: DO NOT. He’s been talking to you for 5 years!?!? That’s FIVE LONG YEARS he’s been leading you on for, yet he’s either been with someone else ever since you guys started talking and continued to lead you on OR decided to date another person, whilst leading you on. I’m not saying he’s necessarily a bad person, but someone like that is only indecisive at best. Don’t waste your time on him. If he can break up with his current girlfriend for you now, he can break up with you for another girl in the future. Otherwise, he’d better have a bloody good explanation for doing that.


So here’s my question! I’ve been training with a cap male for a couple weeks now… I’m a Virgo female.  We flirt, he’s admitted to talking to me to his mom (coincidentally his mom and I have the same name) the other training session he complimented my eyes, said i looked very nice.  The days I’m not training with him, he will come up to me and say hi and congratulate me for working out ect… well today we were joking around likeusual and he said how he was single but there’s a girl…however he won’t cross the professional boundaries but he will wait for her.. iI asked him off this girl knows and he said he was not sure.  I’m wondering if he’s hinting it’s me, or being nice because he is my trainer… we text about nutrition and small stuff so there is communication outside of the gym… im just confused i guess and i don’t want to ask him because i don’t want our sessions to get weird.

There is a pretty good chance that he likes you. All those compliments, so-called “flirting” and small talk is usually not a Capricorn’s forte. If he’s gonna talk about a girl he likes to you, you’re either in the friend zone or he’s hinting to you that the girl is you. He wouldn’t have explicitly told you his was SINGLE if he wasn’t trying to imply something. Someone’s relationship status isn’t something that just pops up in a normal conversation. Think about it, if he was just bringing up another girl, need he emphasize the fact that he is single? Also, Caps rarely do small talk. Lots of small talk - we’re either delusional, or really keen on making a good impression. 

Anonymous said: hey :) I just wanted to tell you that I am a cap-sun/ scorp-moon as well. Thought you might like the idea of someone else being like you :D

Yay! 😊

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm a Sag-Sun/Virgo-Moon who just started talking to a guy that's a Cap-Sun/Scorp-Moon (much like yourself) a couple of weeks ago, I have a really big crush on him even though we haven't met in real life yet, but I was wondering if you can tell me about the potential of this turning into something more? Also, I'm the one to always initiate the conversation, and I get insecure about it because I think that I may be bothering him, as a Cap-Scorp youself, do you think I am?

COOLIOS! Nice to know there are a number of Capricorn sun and Scorpio moon people out there! :D Having a crush on someone is an awesome feeling, but be careful that you don’t idealise that person too much. Don’t be quick to classify him as a Capricorn sun or a Scorpio moon, and think that every single trait listed about them applies to him. Everyone is different, even those under the same sign have significant differences. I can only tell you in essence, what a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon is like from being one. For a Capricorn, I find myself a bit more of a risk-taker than most Capricorns. I am more dreamy, attracted to mystery, passion and all that jazz. That’s exactly where my Scorpio moon kicks in. In relationships, I find myself completely vulnerable and the ability to get “lost” in the other person is extremely high. The Scorpio moon takes a Capricorn’s sentiments to a whole new level. But this doesn’t change the fact that I’m a Capricorn. Stability and security is fundamental to me in a relationship. The Capricorn sun needs a partner who is grounded and down to earth, but the Scorpio moon desires someone who is spontaneous and passionate, which is quite the contradiction. The Scorpio moon may definitely be attracted to the fun and out-going Sag, but the Capricorn sun may feel insecure as flightiness is a part of your character. Honestly, the best way to go about pursuing a relationship is really getting to know that person. There’s nothing wrong with initiating, it shows that you are interested and available. However, do make sure that you don’t come on too strong. If he isn’t interested in you, he will probably be intimidated and find you repulsive. If he is interested in you, he will eventually initiate a conversation with you. If it’s about some random subject or small talk - even better. It shows that he’s trying really hard!

Hope this helped, and Good Luck!

Anonymous said: hi, I'd really like to know if a relationship between a gemini and a capricorn is as impossible as they say. I'm head over heels for this capricorn :(

Like I’ve always said, and will continue to preach - NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE. You can meet each other at a wrong time in your lives, but the problem isn’t on the individual. People will grow and change for the better or the worse. Being head over heels for someone is one of the best feelings ever. Don’t judge where this relationship will go based on compatibility readings. And besides, compatibility isn’t the only thing that makes for successful, healthy and most importantly, meaningful relationships. Always give love your best shot, and you will know whether you’re with the right person once you’re there. 

Anonymous said: Hello! Glad to get advice from a Capricorn Sun/Scorpio Moon, as the man I've started dating has the same qualities. I'm a Leo Sun/Cancer Moon trying to learn more about him, whether he's truly interested, etc.? We've been on a few dates. He talks about me in his future, which threw me a little at first (although I knew better than to show it). Sometimes he doesn't contact me for a few days, guessing he's working/retreating to his emotions, which is fine. How do you know if he's starting to care?

Hi!! Sorry about the late response. Interesting question. For a Moon in Scorpio person (like myself *chuckles*), it is rare for him to not want to contact you for a day, let alone a *few* days, especially when your relationship is still fresh and all. Opening up to someone about our projections for the future is always a good thing. It’s a sign that we can see you in our lives in the long run, and we’ve reserved a special place for you. He will have to be extremely busy to not contact you *at all* for a few days, but this is more likely the case if those days were clustered together. It shows that he might have been working on a project that he was completely immersed in. Trust me, I am a workaholic. There is a 90% chance that he is one too. I can’t tell if he was retreating from his emotions from what you’ve just told me, and there is no need for him to disappear for so long unless there is a significant issue between the two of you. A Capricorn who cares will ‘fess up to any sort of problem sooner or later. We’re not ones to let problems snowball out of control or leave a relationship to rot. 

Hope this helped. Good luck!